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Poultry Science Association
2441 Village Green Place
Champaign, IL 61822 U.S.A.
Phone: +
Fax: +1.217.398.4119

Journal of Applied Poultry Research

A Journal Publishing Practical Poultry Research

Purpose and Scope:

Journal of Applied Poultry Research (JAPR) provides practical, reliable, and timely information to those whose livelihood is derived from the commercial production of poultry and those whose research benefits this sector. This journal addresses topics of near-term application based on studies and critical observations, encourages scientific approaches to practical problem solving, and presents information that is comprehensible to a broad readership. JAPR publishes original research reports, field reports, and reviews on breeding, hatching, health and disease, layer management, meat bird processing and products, meat bird management, microbiology, food safety, nutrition, environment, sanitation, welfare, and economics. 

Intended Readership:

The readers of JAPR are in education, extension, industry, and government, including research, teaching, administration, veterinary medicine, management, production, quality assurance, product development, and technical services. Nutritionists, breeder flock supervisors, production managers, microbiologists, laboratory personnel, food safety and sanitation managers, poultry processing researchers, feed manufacturers, and egg producers use JAPR to keep up with current applied poultry research.  

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Bibliographic Information:

ISSN: 1056-6171
2010 Volume No. 19
Number Issues per Year: 4
Frequency: Quarterly
Print Format: 6 7/8” x 10”: 300-line screen photographs, enamel paper
Journal of Applied Poultry Research is peer reviewed

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Indexing and Abstracting:

Journal of Applied Poultry Research is indexed and/or abstracted in Agricola • Biological and Agricultural Index • CABI Abstracts • Current Contents • Infotreive • ISI Web of Science 

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Advance Pricing:

2010 Yearly Institutional Subscription—Online: $150
2010 Yearly Institutional Subscription—Print and Online: $278 (U.S.); $310 (Elsewhere)

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Editorial Board:

Jesse Grimes (2012)
North Carolina State University

Section Editors:

Breeding and Hatcheries
G. Fasenko (2012)
University of Alberta

Health and Disease

D. Frame (2011)
Utah State University

Layer Management
K. Koelkebeck (2010)
University of Illinois

Meat Bird Management

B. Fairchild (2012)
University of Georgia

Meat Bird Processing and Products

D. Smith (2012)
North Carolina State University

Microbiology and Food Safety
M. E. Berrang (2011)

R. Angel (2012)
University of Maryland

A. Cantor (2012)
University of Kentucky

Specialty Markets and Production Systems
J. P. Jacob (2010)
University of Kentucky

Managing Editor
Susan Pollock, PSA Headquarters

Editorial/Review Board
S. E. Aggrey, University of Georgia
R. Ahmad, National Agricultural Research Centre, Pakistan
P. Aho, Poultry Perspective
K. E. Anderson, North Carolina State University
N. B. Anthony, University of Arkansas
T. J. Applegate, Purdue University
L. F. Araujo, Sao Paulo University
K. W. Bafundo, Phibro Animal Health
A. B. Batal, University of Georgia
M. Bedford, AB-Vista Feed Ingredients
R. S. Beyer, Kansas State University
S. F. Bilgili, Auburn University
J. Blake, Auburn University
S. L. Branton, USDA/ARS
K. Bregendahl, Hy-Line International
R. J. Buhr, USDA-ARS
J. A. Byrd, USDA-ARS
A. H. Cantor, University of Kentucky
J. B. Carey, Texas A&M University
J. A. Cason, USDA
Y. Cevger, Ankara University
T. N. Chamblee, Mississippi State University
R. Chin, University of California-Davis
D. Clark, University of Arkansas
H. L. Classen, University of Saskatchewan
D. Conner, Auburn University
C. Coon, University of Arkansas
A. Corzo, Mississippi State University
C. D. Coufal, Mississippi State University
T. S. Cummings, Mississippi State University
D. Cunningham, University of Georgia
N. Dale, University of Georgia
M. J. Darre, University of Connecticut
A. J. Davis, University of Georgia
J. Donald, Auburn University
A. M. Donoghue, University of Arkansas
W. A. Dozier III, USDA-ARS
J. Eifert, Virginia Tech
R. Elkin, Pennsylvania State University
J. L. Emmert, University of Arkansas
B. D. Fairchild, University of Georgia
B. Fancher, Aviagen Inc.
Y. O. Fasina, Auburn University
P. R. Ferket, North Carolina State University
S. Fiene, Novus International
J. D. Firman, University of Missouri
D. Frame, Utah State University
A. R. Garcia, Cargill Inc.
J. D. Garlich, North Carolina State University
R. K. Gast, USDA-ARS
R. Gates, University of Kentucky
A. G. Gernat, Escuela Agricola Panamericana
M. A. Gerritzen, Wageningen University
G. Y. Ghazikhanian
E. R. Gilbert, Virginia Tech
M. A. Grashorn, University of Hohenheim
J. Grimes, North Carolina State University
B. M. Hargis, University of Arkansas
J. Harter-Dennis, University of Maryland Eastern Shore
J. Helm, Clemson University
J. C. Hermes, Oregon State University
J. B. Hess, Auburn University
A. Hinton, USDA-ARS
C. L. Hofacre, University of Georgia
D. M. Hooge, Hooge Consulting Service Inc.
R. M. Hulet, Pennsylvania State University
F. Ivey, Feed2Gain LLC
D. Jackwood, The Ohio State University
J. Jacob, University of Kentucky
F. T. Jones, University of Arkansas
D. M. Karcher, Michigan State University
M. T. Kidd, Mississippi State University
K. Koelkebeck, University of Illinois
D. Kuney, University of California
S. Ladley, USDA
M. A. Latour, Purdue University
D. Latshaw, Ohio State University
D. R. Ledoux, University of Missouri
S. Leeson, University of Guelph
R. Lien, Auburn University
M. S. Lilburn, Ohio State University
B. Lucio-Martinez, Cornell University
B. Lumpkins, Southern Poultry Research, Inc.
J. Lyons, University of Missouri
K. S. Macklin, Auburn University
G. Malone, University of Delaware
G. F. Mathis, Southern Poultry Research
J. Mauldin, University of Georgia
C. McDaniel, Mississippi State University
L. McDougald, University of Georgia
J. A. Mench, University of California
J. F. M. Menten, ESALQ-USP
R. Mitchell, Perdue Farms Inc.
P. Moore, USDA-ARS
E. T. Moran, Auburn University
J. S. Moritz, West Virginia University
M. T. Musgrove, USDA-ARS
S. L. Noll, University of Minnesota
R. Norton, Auburn University
H. A. Olanrewaju, USDA
E. Oviedo, North Carolina State University
C. M. Owens, University of Arkansas
O. A. Oyarzabal, Auburn University
C. M. Parsons, University of Illinois
P. H. Patterson, Pennsylvania State University
E. D. Peebles, Mississippi State University
M. E. Persia, University of Delaware
A. J. Pescatore, University of Kentucky
G. M. Pesti, University of Georgia
J. Petitte, North Carolina State University
V. Ravindran, Massey University
R. A. Renema, University of Alberta
R. D. Reynnells, USDA/CSREES
L. J. Richardson, USDA-ARS-PMSRU
S. C. Ricke, University of Arkansas
S. J. Ritchie, Canadian Poultry Consultants Ltd.
C. Ritz, University of Georgia
F. Robinson, University of Alberta
G. D. Rosen, Holo-Analysis Services Ltd.
W. B. Roush, USDA-ARS
S. M. Russell, University of Georgia
M. X. Sanchez-Plata, Texas A&M University
J. E. Sander, University of Georgia
S. E. Scheideler, University of Nebraska
B. Sheldon, North Carolina State University
M. Sifri, ADM Animal Health and Nutrition
M. Singh, Auburn University
G. Singleton, International Rice Research Institute
J. Smith, Fieldale Farms Corp.
L. L. Southern, Louisiana State University
V. G. Stanley, Texas A&M University
R. G. Teeter, Oklahoma State University
P. Tillman, Ajinomoto Heartland LLC
G. L. Van Wicklen, University of Delaware
S. L. Vieira, UFRGS
W. S. Virden, Adisseo
P. Waldroup, University of Arkansas
N. E. Ward, DSM Nutritional Products Inc.
A. B. Webster, University of Georgia
E. Wheeler, Pennsylvania State University
R. Wideman, University of Arkansas
H. R. Wilson, University of Florida
P. Woolcock, University of California-Davis
S. Yalcin, Ege University
A. G. Yersin, Kemin Industries Inc.

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Published by:

Journal of Applied Poultry Research is published by the Poultry Science Association. The Poultry Science Association (PSA) is a professional organization of educators, scientists, extension specialists, administrators, and producers who are committed to advancing the poultry industry. Since 1908, the PSA has maintained a level of prestige that ranks it among the top professional organizations in the field. The PSA strives to stimulate the discovery, application, and dissemination of knowledge; create a forum for the exchange of information among various segments of the poultry industry; publish original research, reviews, and timely information in the official PSA publications Poultry Science and Journal of Applied Poultry Research; and recognize outstanding personal achievement.

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